Wander Lust List

1. Thailand

I have been wondering about this country since I was sixteen years old. It’s majestic beauty, crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs, and smiling people have been in the back of my mind ever since 2002. I was meant to travel to this exotic land full of culture shock and awwww in 2003, however it was bad timing for the SARS epidemic made my travel plans fall apart. Today, I am looking forward to experiencing and living a Thai life for over 30 days, come July 21st.

2. Indonesia

Waves, delicious food, great culture, and an exotic factor. An attempt to combine Thailand and Indo failed this year due to time restraints. I will not give up! My wander lust never gets the better of me, I usually succeed in making my travel dreams come true.

3. Rio De Janiero, Brazil
The lifestyle is the draw behind this one. I am utterly amazed that not only can you fit so many people on a beach, but you can do it everyday out the year. That you don’t meet at the bar for happy hour or the restaurant for dinner. You meet at your regular spot of sand. Not only that but you are surrounded by beautiful views and beautiful people.

4. Africa Expedition
This one comes from my mother. For the last 10 – 15 years she has been stating her Africa dreams to my family. Safari, Mt. Kilamajaro are things that get mentioned a couple times a year. I put this on my list to make a note of creating her dream into reality.

5. Switzerland & The Swiss Alps

I have been skiing since I was about 3 years old and these are a few mountians I cannot go without conquering in my lifetime. The beauty and the challenge behind them simply yodel my name.

6. Oktoberfest, Germany
My obsession with beer, brats, and crazy Germans is what provokes this number. What better place to experience them than in their prime.

7. Barcelona, Spain
FOOD and history. I have an obsession with food and travel. I believe they go hand in hand. You do not experience a culture until you experience what and how they eat. Museums, yes they represent culture and the arts, landmarks represent history, but food represents the people. Spain has been around for centuries offering their culture to thousands if not millions, I want to be one to experience it first hand.

8. Japan
FOOD might be the main draw behind this stop for me. I am a little bit of a foodie and watching Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman experience those delicacies over and over again makes my heart wretch!

9. The French Polynesian
Those crystal clear waters float my dreams. You got to stay in one of those lavish hotels that sits on stilts over beautiful blue lagoons once in your life. Or if you don’t you have to at least dream of how relaxing it would be.

10. India
Most people run from congestion and extreme culture shock, however I dream of it. What about the beauty behind this country. The culture and the people that America finally got to see in a realistic depiction of India. I would love to just once experience this.

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  1. I love traveling! I grew up in Bangladesh, which is really close to India and Thailand, so I have been to both quite a lot. Currently on my travel wishlist:- Athens- Rome – EgyptOne day!

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