Is Print Media Dying?

I was asked a question the other day that at the time I thought I had answered with conviction. Is print media dying? I thought about this for a moment and realized I don’t believe it is, but in a time and an economy where people are conscious about the money they are spending and the earth they are destroying, the Internet has provided great possibilities. From advertisements, virtual magazines, catalogs, books, social media, and blogs the Internet is full of mostly free if not relatively cheap in cost options to promote one self.
However a majority of our population has not grown up completely in the techno world, preserving a love and need for printed materials. I know myself being a child of both eras loves holding a magazine and reading a physical newspaper, but appreciates the need and desire to do all these things electronically. I believe that print media still has at least 50 – 75 years of life span
Okay so this was my answer two weeks ago. Now….I am doing extensive research on the Amazon Kindle, debating whether or not I think I could actually get the full book experience from an electronic. Will I miss rummaging through book stores? Reading the first chapter in that comfy Barnes and Noble chair? In the end there were more pros to cons, I had the opportunity to play and experience a Kindle and fell in love. This isn’t a book sized computer screen. It’s a led screen that actually looks as if you are reading a book. I can convert my own files to the Kindle format and read them on it. I can create notes, look up words I don’t know the definition to, download samples before I buy, read several books at a time, pay only $9.99 for best sellers. WOW! That fact alone is an attention grabber.
Maybe print media will dye sooner than I thought, this fact makes me very sad, but I jumped on the bandwagon.

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