It Hits Me

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It is some what of a bizarre feeling thinking about the fact that you are standing half way around the world from where you typically live out your days.  I don’t think I have really felt as though I am in Thailand until one specific moment, getting out of a taxi cab, at night, in downtown Lamai, a beach town on Koh Samui.  Being at a beautiful Thai resort just didn’t seem real.  It was stepping out into a motorbike invested town that it seemed to hit me across the face.  It was at that moment that I got emotional for the first time– the smell, the lights, the bikes, the restaurants, the night markets, the life, it hit me with such an impact.  I had made it, made it to a destination I had so long dreamed about.  I was here and experiencing every minute of it.  It was wonderful.  We were in Lamai searching for dinner and chose a great restaurant, suggested by a shop keeper, the menu had, 16 pages or more.  As I am coming to find, most Thai restaurants do, at least the ones that cater to the farangs “white people.”  They offer every thing from your traditional and not so traditional thai dishes, to pizza, sandwiches, and everything else imaginable.
Picture every restaurant you walk by displaying all their fresh seafood, alive and dead on ice in front, stalking their claim on the salivating tourists who walk by.  Crab, red snapper, king prawns, tiger prawns, barracuda, shark, squid, tuna, and some I can not name.  As a seafood loving farang I was is heaven!  We ordered four dishes — a beef dish, a tiger prawn dish, a red snapper, and crab.  Our waiter with his never ending smile walked over to the ice, picked out a red snapper, some prawns, and the live crab and went to prepare our meal!  We walked out at the end of the night having filled our bellies with some extremely fresh food and having spent a grand total of $60 on 4 dishes, 1 appetizer sampler, 7 drinks!  I am loving this country more and more with every minute, I can eat like a queen on a budget!

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