Tigers, Sharks, and Butterflies, Oh My!

(dear readers I am having a very difficult time uploading pictures to my blog, please check out all pictures at the following site, http://gallery.me.com/lindsey_jones1021#gallery.)

Today was a historic day, Dad pulled out his four wheel driving expertise (Black Bear Trail, Telluride, CO 1995) and added crazy motorcycle drivers, a left hand shift, an opposite road condition, and no speed limit.  We rented a smallest little pick up/car thing I have ever seen, two seats in the front and a truck bed in the back.  We were off to tour the island on our own (saving mom about 2000 baht – $50 or so) and way more fun according to the Jones family.  What fun is a tour if their is no adventure, seems to be our family vacation motto.  So adventure we must create!  Brianne and I decided to ride like the locals out in the open hanging on for dear life.  Little did I know that this experience may be my favorite of this entire trip and it has only just begun!  There is something about the wind blowing and the sites zooming by you on a scary two lane road, where the thai trucks and motorcycles are passing you every couple minutes to get to their destinations, that heightens your blood pressure.

We were off to the Aquarium and the Tiger Zoo.  This may sound like a safe and reasonable way to spend the day, but little do you know that that the aquarium shark is simply a hands touch away and I can actually pet and sit next to a tiger.  A real life 8 ft cat with stripes and fangs!  I told Chris this morning that I am still sporting all 10 fingers, I am not trying to make the next big fashion statement.  Brianne, Mom, Dad, and I all got to hangout with a tiger for about 2 minutes each which seems like an eternity when your life and your limbs are so close to their death.  (you can check out the pictures at the site listed below.)  We left the zoo surprised at the fact that apparently no lawsuits have yet to shut them down, but with smiles ear to ear at the laughter at the experiences just had.

Back in the truck, yet again– to attempt our hands at fate.  We are off to the Butterfly Garden to practice the art of photography and see what beautiful views and butterflies this country produces.  The gardens were gorgeous the butterflies were everywhere and the view was the best part.  We were able to see out over the islands to the surrounding ones.  This country is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Next stop the mummified monk, okay this has got to be interesting, Dad and I had read about a famous monk that had lived on Koh Samui in the late 60’s. This monk had meditated to his very death, his wish was to remain that way for ever.  He was mummified in that exact spot.  We had to see this, add more bizarre to our adventure.  This being the first temple I have been to in Thailand I was shocked at the color, the beauty and the abstract view from what I am use to when I think of a place to worship.  It is full of life, energy, and a feeling of solitude.  An amazing place.  I must say on the record– that the monk was relatively creepy.  I am not sure I have seen a mummified person before, but it was not at all what I was expecting.  I was picturing lots of toliet paper…but oh well.

Our bellies are screaming again, as they so often do in this family and we must pull over for food, otherwise death is certain.  We stop at a quite and gorgeous beachside restaurant looking over the five islands, eat some amazing meals, go for a swim, and relax, our morning has been packed full of new and exotic experiences.  After some much needed rest, we hop back in the truck.  Brianne and I are beginning to look like the locals getting into the bed with such expertise.  Well maybe I am, Brianne with her blonde hair and fair skin, not so much.  The traditional fisherman’s village is our next stop.  We come across this amazing little town that slowly walks its way into your heart.  With small little store fronts and the elderly thai looking as though they had been their for hundreds of years, before the english pub and mexican restaurant popped up.  It was here we ran for cover as a tropical storm thundered our way.  Excited by the possibility that this may actually cool things down we stopped for a drink to watch the the rain pour.  Its funny when the rain comes, the streets once so full of life and action become dead quite, no one is even driving!  Well I should mention with the exception of the Jones’ what better time to be on these roads, than when no one else is on them!  Run, Run back to the car.  It is by this time we are so exhausted we can’t think, move, or function.

Our adventure was notorious we had so much fun today, we are off to rent the jeep tomorrow!  In line the Nuamang Waterfalls, Elephant Trekking, Rum Distillery, and Chaweng beach! Untill then…

(dear readers I am having a very difficult time uploading pictures to my blog, please check out all pictures at the following site, http://gallery.me.com/lindsey_jones1021#gallery.)

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