Thai TV Superstars

Cooking school and golf is in check today. On the menu — Red Curry with Chicken, Flat Noodles with Pork, and a Seafood Soup. Dad, longing to discover international golfing heads off this morning on his own to play a fabulous course looking over the two islands north of Samui. No doubt, a fabulous sight. Brianne, Mom, and I decided it was time to learn to cook like a thai. Well for Brianne it was learn to cook period. Her cooking repertoire consists of mac & cheese, brownies, cookies, and pancakes and well now curry, flat noodles, and tom yam soup. This girl sure is diversified!

The cooking class was small, consisting of about 9 people. Our adorable lead chef giggled and informed us of how each ingredient in thai recipes is good for your body. She went into extreme detail. Each time she said something a tad bit strange for the dinner table she would cover her mouth and giggle! It was absolutely hilarious. We learned about galangal (a thai ginger), bok choy, curry, chili paste, and the thai definition of spicy. Spicy here is america’s version of a tiny habanero pepper times 5. So we spent the morning chopping and wok-ing it. Bri was a good sport, although we have been greatly informed that she does not need this skill for college — thats what the cafeteria is for!

After cooking our extraordinary meal we were ushered to a dining room with our prepared dishes and heaps of white rice. I would have to say I was not a huge fan of the flat noodles, but the curry and the tom yam soup I would defiantly make at home! Delicious ฆโ๋ษศฆซ๋โษฆศซฑณฆ์ศฤซฌ๋ษศฤษฏ๋โษฤซศฏ๋โณซฤ๋ฎฑษฤซ โษฤศฏซ๋ ๋ฏโษฤศฏ๋โณฎฑฤซ ๋ฏษฤฆศซ๋โ ๋ษฤซศโ๋ฏษฤฆซศ๋โ ๋ฏษฤศซโ๋ษฏฤโ๋ ๋ฤษฏ๋ณฤ?ฒฤซ  (my keyboard went haywire!  Started typing in thai!)  After we had finished eating, we headed back downstairs to purchase the few ingredients we believed to be hard to find in the US.  As we were shopping we were approached by a white man speaking english.  He asked if we were sisters and if we would like to do some acting for a reward.  Acting… hmmm not something Bri and I would say we shine at, but what the hell.  We want to be famous thai superstars!  We were asked by this man, who in the end grew in Randolf, NJ (a town very close to Ridgewood) to be the stars of the Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts promotional video, celebrating their 10 years of business.  So here we are in Thailand strutting our stuff for the cameras, one take, two takes, three takes, four! He wanted to get this angle and that angle, this shot and that shot.  We turned heads with our skills!  Okay, that was an over reaction, but who would have thought we would be here doing this today.  After our 30 minute acting stint, he thanked us by gifting us with 3 thai cooking DVDs a reward of about $50 each!  You all will be able to catch this film at in about 30 days.  We will have debuted our acting career on the world wide web come September.  Don’t worry I will send you all a reminder to check it out!

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