A 17th Birthday to Never Forget

Today we stood on top of the world.  63 stories above Bangkok we clinked our glasses in celebration at Sirocco & Sky Bar.  This is a bar and restaurant like no other I have ever been to or heard of.  A bar that stands over the edge of a building, no chains, no fences, nothing obstructing your view of the city below, just glass.  In the US this type of venue would be to apt for to many law suits to ever be possible.  Think the Rainbow Room with out the windows, walls, and ceilings.  A beautiful dome caps off the Lebua State Tower as the bar juts out over the city.  A woman stands atop the world serenading a 12 million people audience with her voice.  I honestly can say this was the coolest venue and view I ever seen in my entire life.  A memory that will remain vivid for the rest of my days.  Something so cool I have promised myself Chris and I will have our last drink at Sky Bar to salute this city and this country before we say goodbye.

Before standing atop of the world we spent Bri’s birthday shuffling through Bangkok’s wide array of shopping options, we rode the sky train, experienced a eastern style mall, a western style mall, a handmade jewelry and gem location, and shopping galore.  Her demands were simple — shopping and pool please.  Both were accomplished with great smiles and pleasure in what was a great way to spend a 17th birthday in a city so far from home.  Then off to the Sky Bar for Drinks and a restaurant that could not be more fitting for our Bri — Breeze.  Breeze is locate 8 floors below the Sky Bar and Sirocco, on the 56 floor of the State Tower.  A restaurant with a neon walkway to the end of the world and food and service so divine, its fit for the king.  Us ladies received our first ever stool service at a restaurant– that is a stool simply for our purses, (which we purchased that day for $120 — beautifully knocked off Jimmy Choo’s).  Once again we clinked our glasses to Brianne, to Thailand, and our unforgettable memories we have created together as a family.

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