The Arrival of a New Adventurer

We have welcomed another to our small team of adventurers.  Chris arrived in Bangkok greeted by luxury.  He was picked up at the airport by his very own brand new 2009 BMW 7 series.  “Welcome to Bangkok, Mr. Chris — we are here to escort you to the Shangri-La Hotel, 30 minutes until your destination.”  A few words that set him at ease — he would soon be at the destination he had been thinking, dreaming, and traveling 18 hours to reach.  Oblivious to what time it is and asleep in our beds the doorbell rings to present our long awaited guest.  I was not only extremely excited to see Chris, but ecstatic to share with him this beautiful country and continue on our adventure of a lifetime.

Our goal the first day was to keep Chris going as long as possible!  What better way to get him excited and brighten his eyes than to bring him to the Siam Ocean World Aquarium.  However, not before we head to a jewelry store to pick up some babels for the Jones babes.  Brianne a 17th birthday present and Mom a 30th Wedding anniversary present.  These babels gleamed in the light, brightened the room, and brought sparkles to their eyes.  Brianne picked out a unique sapphire ring, that the gentle man took from 70,000 BHT to 10,000 BHT after mom decided to buy something.  Yet, after we had paid and the lovely jeweler was boxing the babels, he realized that Bri’s ring was not just any sterling silver ring, but one of white gold.  I think after we left he hit himself on the head several times.

Off to the Siam Ocean World to experience the underwater world of Thailand in a Mall.  For an hour and a half we experience the best aquarium any of us have ever seen.  It beat the Baltimore Aquarium, Seaworld, and Steven Birch.  It was beautifully organized complete with some really cool inside advertisements.  A car, fridegerator, wine fridge, and microwave turned into fish tanks.  We road the glass bottom boat, walked the underwater tunnel, experienced an extreme shark feeding, and experienced the underwater world in 4D.  Then our bellies began to rumble and what better luck for us then the fact that the most expansive, delicious looking food court I have ever laid eyes on was only one floor up.  We walked for about 15 minutes in complete aw of this place.  Noodles, sushi, soups, meats, burgers, sandwiches, thai, japanese, french, seafood — If this place is heaven, I simply cannot wait!  We all ate whatever we wanted and walked out having spent 550 BHT for 5 of us.  $16 for all of us!  That is drinks — waters, ice teas, and cokes included!  Our goal was to culture shock Chris to the best of our ability.  Brianne was the only person in the entire mall with a blond head.  While thousands of locals brushed by us in a hurry, we sat taking it all in.

After our culture shock we headed back to the hotel to find Mr. Chris a masseuse.  Brianne and I had discovered a cute place on our hotel street charging about 300 BHT for an hour massage.  We set off on a mission to get Chris a massage to relieve 18 hours of sitting on a plane.  Brianne and I encourage Chris to get the deluxe Thai massage, in which not one but two little Thai women work on you at the same time.  One on your shoulders, neck, arms, and head and the other on your legs and feet.  This one hour of ecstasy cost us a grand total — are you ready — 500 BHT, $15.  Us Jones’ looked at each other and figured we couldn’t pass this up, we both got a 1 hour Thai massage is which I was flipped up side down and bent in directions that were painful but brought ease to my body.  This little massage parlor was the very best we had on our trip in Thailand.  Chris walked out with a blissful smile and a relieved body.

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