Off To Pattaya — The Unknown

Yesterday was the beginning of a brand new adventure. An adventure of a different kind. Chris and I set off from the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok with about 20 – 25 pounds strapped to our backs and a glimmer of wandering spirits in our hearts. We waved goodbye to the family who had welcomed both of us to this country and taken care of us so well. We caught the sky train to the eastern bus terminal and were on our way to Pattaya. A small change in plans from what we originally thought we would be up too at this point of our journey. Chiang Mai, to me felt less interesting after 6 days in Bangkok. I was ready for the beach, sunshine, fresh air, and refreshing water. On a whim we hopped on a bus headed 2 hours outside of Bangkok to a resort beach town we had heard about.

The bus ride was peaceful, the countryside refreshing. We arrived in Pattaya just before sundown. A city of brilliant lights, an overwhelming amount of bars, and apparently well known for its sex industry. Just how well known was a shock to us. We wandered the streets last night in utter amazement at just how many bars were selling beers and “company.” Goodfellas, Molly Mahone’s, School Girls, Safari Nights, Jenny Star. Wow! It was a people watching prime. We decided this morning there is no way we could spend 4 nights here! One night of this was plenty to open my eyes. We spent to day relaxing beachside taking in the locals, the tourist, and this interesting city. Tomorrow we will head on an island trip, to escape. Then head back towards Bangkok and make a early arrival to southern Thailand.

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