Simple Wonders of Hua Hin

Tonight I fell in love with Hua Hin. We have been staying here for about 4 days by chance. Originally only 1 night was to be spent in this city, but as plans shifted we were able to explore this small beach town’s gifts. Hua Hin, only 2 1/2 hours from Bangkok is not a typical Thailand tourist destination, but more a local destination. A Hampton’s sort of place– without the extremity of luxury. The King and Queen have a palace here in which they vacation when they need a break from the bustle of Bangkok.

We arrived in Hua Hin after a 12 hour journey from Pattaya which we were elated to leave. One songtheaw, bus, skytrain, two taxis, and a train later we arrived in what seemed to be the ultimate paradise in comparison to Pattaya. However I must mention the complete aww I experienced on our 4 hour, open air, non air conditioned train. I have never seen land so green. Mountains so jagged. The beauty is indescribable. Train travel in foreign countries is something I highly recommend to anyone traveling. No matter your money situation. You see parts of the country that you would by no means ever experience if you traveled by other transports. Any how — Hua Hin. No eager ladies standing outside every bar, beckoning you inside. Ahhh and our hotel was fantastic.

To our excitement this was the only city in Thailand where we had read about a brewery. Chris and I were off in search of a Hua Hin Brewery with pirate ships jutting out of it. The bar was not easily missed as the pirate ships were not a dream. Nor was the BBQ that was aflame on the street entrance cooking up some enticing meats. The food was fabulous — yet the word Brewery in Thailand apparently does not mean they brew their own beer. We were a tiny bit disappointed but the meal and the atmosphere made up for the tiny let down.

The following day was spent wandering the beach and the small quite (compared to Pattaya & Bangkok) streets of Hua Hin. We took a local tip and decided to get 2 hour Thai massages at the Blue Elephant. 400Bht for pain, relief, bruising, and ecstasy. Chris got his neck cracked for the first time in my life and I have never felt so much agony followed by so much joy. I believe I have mentioned this before but I think I may be addicted. That evening we drank Mai Tai’s out of female figured glasses and chatted with some fellow travels from Britain. Unfortunately that evening I got my first spell of sickness here in Thailand and we spent that evening and the following day relaxing.

This morning I woke feeling rejuvenated. Chris had discovered a little temple at the very end of Hua Hin beach on the map. We were on a mission to explore. So we walked and we walked and we walked — and then…far off distance, I finally spot it. There is no way in hell we were are gonna be able to walk that far! We wave down a vehicle I believe to be native to Hua Hin — a tuk tuk complete with two bench seats, sound system, and neon lights. 500bht for an hour we agree. We hop in and a 15 minute ride late we arrive at a temple complete with about 200 roaming monkeys. Yes, you heard me right– monkeys. Big ones, small ones, and baby ones.

They creep up on you expecting a little treat, unbenouched to me (I was carrying a half empty coffee cup). The monkeys started trailing me from behind, in front, and to the side. I have never been so close to a wild animal — well with exception of my tiger friend, Sara. We climbed the steep steps to the top of the Wat to discover that the monkeys had the best home in Hua Hin. A beautiful view with an ironic twist.

After our wild safari wat viewing we were off to lunch and some Thai bowling. I beat Chris once and he beat me once we called it even. This evening we ate at a very local seafood restaurant located on the pier. It was fabulous. Run by a small Thai elderly woman that watched her table with eagle eyes searching for customer satisfaction. She provided us we great service and some of the best seafood I have had in Thailand. Funny enough we had ate at here competing pier a previous night and informed her that her restaurant (although not designed for the tourist or western eye) was fabulous. Much better than her competition. She surprise us with a extremely greatful smile and a special dessert. Mango and sticky rice.

Tonight we head on our overnight train to Surat Thani and off to Khao Sok National Park to sleep in a treehouse!

Dear readers —
Due to the 56k modems we are experiencing here in Thailand no further pictures will be upload. You will have to experience and dream of Thailand through word and only words. Imagin this blog as a elogated post card. Pictures will come when we arrive home.
Until next post… xoxo

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