Longtail Boat Leads to Hard To Get To Oasis

Eager and looking forward to what many travelers have described as indescribable– we left Khao Sok a day early and headed for Ao Nang. A small beach oasis in the Krabi province. We arrived just before sunset to find our hotel nicely situated on the beach. A lovely alternative to our past treehouse. No creepy crawlies and outdoor toilets. Ao Nang is similar to Khao Sok but with limestone cliffs yet the ocean at their feet. Bringing a beautiful contrast to this picture perfect place. White sand beach, crystal blue/green water, and limestone cliffs covered with trees and plants of various shades of green, red, and grey. Google ‘Railey Beach’ and you may begin to understand what I am describing.

This morning, our first day in paradise, we were on a mission to find a beautiful beach and do some snorkeling. Here this is not hard to come by. Climb aboard a longtail boat and 10 minutes later your on a small fairly empty tropical oasis that you had no idea existed. Railey Beach was our oasis today. A small beach in a cove, secluded by limestone cliffs, only accessible by longtail boat. We spent the morning kayaking in crystal waters around some of these cliffs. Found a small patch of sand on one. Beached our boat and jumped in. Chris was in heaven swimming rapidly after fish and the sea life below trying to either capture them on camera or be one himself. I am not sure. To those of you that know. I on the other hand am more like a land breathing mammal. I will hang out in the water often, but do not feel I am at one with the ocean and its creatures. However, today in this paradise how could I pass up the opportunity. I dove in and side by side we explored the reef and its inhabitants. The day was remarkable and in many ways unbelievable. I never dreamed of such paradise.

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