On The Set of A Movie

Today was one of those days that I talked about in the very beginning of my trip. It is best if you begin everyday without expectations. However that slipped our minds last night when we booked a full day excursion to a deserted island. Complete with green lagoons, white sand beaches, reefs and fish galore. Chris had thoughts of the moments he would spend here in his dreams last night. We were instructed to wait outside the hotel this morning at 8:30. 8:30, 8:45. 9:15. Okay this is no longer a Thai timing issue. We had reception call the tour agency and regretfully they informed us that the captain had seen that only two were signed up and decided he didn’t want to go. He never bothered to inform the travel agency. Chris was extremely disappointed as this was a last full day in Krabi paradise. We walked to the agency to get our money back and see if there was anything else to do that day. However all the tours and trips had already left for the day. Chris was so sad, all he wanted to do was snorkel his little heart out on a deserted island. Was that to much to ask?
I am beginning overly dramatic. Anyhow I had seen a trip the other day that left at 11:30 to James Bond Island, a Muslim fishing village in the middle of a national park, and a caved in Buddha with monkeys. Our lovely tour agent set it up and we were to test our luck once again. The minivan was to pick us up at 11:00. We cleared all negative energy from our bodies and thought happy thoughts. Our guys showed up at 11:00 on the dot! We were off to experience the sights today!

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