I write this last Thailand adventure post with great new insights and outlooks on the world. Its many wonders, its varied contrasts, and the people that make it go round. Thailand was a paradise which left nothing to the imagination. On this adventure of a lifetime memories were created that are ever ingrained into my memory and my heart.

The time spent with Mom, Dad, and Bri was legendary. We conquered a part of the world that we never dreamed we would get the chance to experience together — as a family. From driving around the island to the streets of Bangkok we got to experience Thailand’s beauty first hand. I will never forget standing above a city, of so much beauty at 63 floors high, with my beautiful family. Celebrating not only B’s birthday but ourselves, our family, and our spirits for unknown adventures. I must stop to thank Mom and Dad for giving me this gift. From a young age I was extremely fortunate to have the doors to the world open wide for my exploration. They distilled in me a passion for adventure and a desire to experience cultures very different from my own.

Onward to an adventure of freedom, independence, love, and friendship. Chris and I gave ourselves the opportunity to experience Thailand from many different perspectives. From that of the local Thais, the tourists, the expats, and the foreign citizens. We learned not only about ourselves but each other and the rest of the world. We tested our boundaries and our limits — able to overcome them all. But mostly I will always hold dear to my heart the love and friendship that continued to grow on our very own Thailand Adventure.

I believe that if Chris and I didn’t have a few unfinished commitments and such great families to go home to we would have stayed in paradise for much longer. However driving down the 5 from Carlsbad to Pacific Beach this morning was a great reminder– that we too live in a paradise that some may find just as exotic as I did Thailand. Life is the adventure that you make of it.

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