Verdugo Bar’s Monthy Mobile Mash-Up

The Los Angeles’ food truck phenomenon has people searching the city by car to discover what the lastest greatest food sensation.  They are not only trendy and cool, but these mobile food delicacies are serving up authentic gourmet dishes of every origin for prices your cannot wrap your head around.

Today, Verdugo Bar in Eagle Rock, CA  got in on the action  hosting it’s monthy Mobile Mash-Up.   Beer, Live Music and a Mobile Challenge is how they draw the crowd.  Food Trucks must use Pura Casta Tequila in a Mobile Mash-Up Special.  Today’s gathering included Mandoline Grill, Frysmith, Grill ‘Em All, Lomo Arigato, Slice Truck and Tropical Shave Ice .

Today’s  Mandoline Grill, Mobile-Mash Up Special was a Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwich with a Pura Casta Tequila & Citrus Marinated Tri-Tip.

Citrus & Tequila Marinated Tri-Tip

A local legend the Frysmith, carried on in there usual manner producing fry delicacies such as the Kimchi Fries (kurobuta pork belly with kimchi, onions and cheese), Rajas fries (angus steak marinated shawarma style with roasted poblano pepers, carmelzed onions, jack cheese, lime & cilantro), but they added a mobile mash-up special that was sure to grab my attention.  Tequila Citrus Shrimp, Asiago Cheese, & Sage and of course the fries.

Start following your favorite food-truck or Verdugo Bar to discover the next date and time for a Mobile Mash-Up.

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