4th of July, Traditions in a New City

4th of July Fireworks

Being in a new city, you have to discover where to continue on your holiday traditions.  I myself can’t stand not to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Perhaps its childish or a silly desire, but with every pow! pow! pow! it seems less childish and simply —  awesome!  On our search for the best spot to watch fireworks on the 4th here in LA we discovered a few things…

1.  Santa Monica –  no longer launches fireworks on the 4th of July — riots, fireworks company lit the pier on fire, some excuses like that go along with the reason.

2.  The Hollywood Bowl – which would seem like a really cool place to watch a firework show, however they light the fireworks off to Harmonic music — not my thing.

3.  Malibu – all privately paid for by the elite of the Malibu, however there is no predicting when or where they will be set off.

4.  Rose Bowl, Pasadena –  Holds an annual AmericaFest inclusive of all things American and fireworks.  When I think of an AmericaFest I think of big huge guys in cut off tank tops wearing american flags on their heads, painted beer bellies, screaming the Team America theme song at the top of their lungs.

5.  Mariana Del Ray – Would be amazing, if I owned a yacht and I could sail around the marina.  However this is a dream that has yet to set sail.

6. Venice Beach –  Venice doesn’t actually light off fireworks of their own, but it was rumored you could see Marina Del Ray’s and on a clear night even Long Beaches’.
Venice seeming the best option — and by far the most entertaining.  Have you ever been to Venice, now triple, quadrupable the crazies and add fireworks!  BEST 4th of JULY EVER!

Squinty Eyed Me

We ate at a small little Cuban restaurant with an outdoor patio overlooking the Venice Pier – prime time people watching!  Check out Mercede’s Grill it was fantastic.  A strong Sangria with a kick of spice, is a must.  The Cuban pork plate served with fried plantains, rice and black beans is to die for.

Venice Pier at Sunset

As night drew near, the crazies seem to begin to disperse, probably due to the to the fact they all had been being crazy ALL day.  We walked to the beach, sat by the pier and waited for the show to begin.

On the Beach waiting for the Fireworks
Pow! Pow! Pow!
Happy 4th of Freedom

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