Bucket List: 5K Santa Monica

LA Marathon

I have never been a runner.  Even in my youthful days as a girl’s lacrosse player (which is a full-blown cardio sport) I wasn’t a runner, I played an offense position, next to the goal!  I dreaded the timed mile from kindergarten to college.  I was never last, nor ever first and never directly in the middle.

However, I once climbed a mountain, a 14,000 foot mountain — and after that mountain climb I had my one purely positive running experience.  It was the end of August in 2002 and two days prior I reached the summit the Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I was back home for Volleyball Hell Week.  That dreadful week before any sport starts in which coaches decided since you haven’t been training all year, so they force two-a-days on you — just because they can.

It was afternoon practice and I was up against the dreaded timed mile.  The clock started and I was off.  I was off as I never had before, my lungs weren’t straining for their last breath of air, I wasn’t grabbing my side with pain.  I was simply running.  Running as I had never run before — with complete joy.

The fantasy ended abruptly as Volleyball isn’t a cardio sport.  I never got that feeling back when it came to running.

Back in March, Chris and I discovered that our new home town, hosts the finish line for the LA Marathon, a sister race to that of the New York City Marathon –  with far less participants and viewers.  The course begins downtown at Dodger’s Stadium and runs through Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, and ends in Santa Monica, bringing it to a close at 26.2 miles.  The traditional length of all marathon runs.

LA Marathon

We decided to head down to Ocean Ave to watch the runners cross the finish line.  Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica is a serene place to finish a 26.2 mile race.  It was inspirational watching these runners finish a race they had trained so hard to complete.  At that moment I was inspired to take action.  I wanted to once again reach that point in which I enjoyed running– excelling to a new physical achievement.  I made a commitment that I would train to run my first 5k.

The Lexus Santa Monica 5000 on September 12th, 2010 will be my first ever marathon race.  The 5k course starts in Southern Santa Monica on the border of Venice and completes at the same exact location the LA Marathon finished at.  I have spoken my dream and by doing so have encourage my father and sister to run along side me.

LA Marathon

Next time I post about running I will have completed my 5k!  Wish me luck!

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