Local Stumble Upon: San Clemente, CA

Mapping my where abouts with my GPS Camera

I have always been one to wander.  Whether it be a place I have been a hundred times before or one that I am experiencing for the first time.  Wandering truly is the best way to describe it as I have no rhyme or reason.  Chris and I stopped in San Clemente on our way home from a relaxing, yet celebratory weekend in Carlsbad — for lunch and a short, but sweet wandering session.

I speak confidently when I say that we both have always had a lust for this beach side oasis.  San Clemente is somewhere you always want to stop, experience, and in our case want to live.  It stands out from the rest of Southern California beach towns in the fact that it more so resembles a small Spanish village in coastal Spain or Italy.  Hills, breath-taking ocean views, and a stand-alone culture.  It seems as though this is the place you come to live and never again have the heart to leave.  Summer in San Clemente brings out the locals and draws the tourists, its vibrant and full of life.

Shrimp Tacos at Avila's El Ranchito

We ate a traditional Baja Southern-California Mexican lunch at Avila’s El Ranchito.  I dined on flavorful, crisp shrimp tacos and Chris a melt-in your mouth Carnitas Plate.  If your ever in town and in the mood for fresh tortilla chips, excellent homemade salsa — and traditional Southern-California Mexican Avila’s is the place to go.

With stomachs to full to think about getting back in the car and driving another hour or two (it is LA), we decided to do what I do best.  We wandered through the local San Clemente Sunday Farmer’s Market, in aww of beautiful red sunflowers with purple stalks, fresh fruits and veggies.

I can’t take all the credit for the next stumble upon as Chris is really good at taking the wandering control when he senses a large body of water near by.  His hair practically stands straight up on his arm, indicating just how close we are.  So naturally we were off to take in the waves and little did we know the San Clemente Ocean Festival.

San Clemente, CA
San Clemente's Ocean Festival 2010

Local artists, vendors, beach goers, marathon racers, lifeguards and surfers a like gather on the beach and pier of San Clemente for some good old summer games and competitions.  A tradition that has been in play since 1976.  Complete with great food, live music, and a old Woody car show!

Rolls Royce Woody
The Inside

Next time you’re in San Clemente a MUST VISIT:  Lavender Lounge Tea Company — A place that truly inspires you to drop your coffee addiction and switch to tea!

Lavender Lounge Tea Company - San Clemente, CA
Simplistic Menu...
with at least 100 different choices!

Do you have a favorite spot or local event in San Clemente?  Fill me in on the good stuff!

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