Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY (2 of 3)

Morning Hikes at Signal Mountain Campground

Signal Mountain & Jackson Lake in the Early Morning

This time of day is further than remarkable — quiet, calm, and colorful.  It brings a certain peace to your being watching the sunrise over this scenery.  Jackson Hole is an extraordinary landscape that strikes a different cord at each time during the day.  Wake up early and take a morning walk — no matter where you live, you’ll see the difference.

Dad & I - Morning Walk & Coffee In Hand

The Alpine Slide – Snow King

Having been to Jackson another time in my life, I have no recollection of this memory — however a little sister awaiting the arrival (from a mountain peak) of a sister and father remembers each and every turn and bump.  The Alpine slide is and alternative attempt at the use of a ski resort in the summer.  A concrete luge is truly the best way to describe it as it is just as dangerous.  The Jones family over the years has been drawn to mountains in the summertime and therefore every Alpine Slide that has gone with those mountains.  Injuries as big as broken arms and major concrete burn have been endured.  Do not take this experience lightly!

Bottom of the Snow King Alpine Slide
Bri always knows when shes on camera!
The Course
Reliving the Dream
The view from the top

Snake River Brewery

Snake River Brewery

Local Craft Brew Pubs are always a promise of two things.  Awesome & uniquely designed meals, often local and beer infused, as well as hoppy, warm and refreshing beers.  Snake River Brewing does a delightful mix of brews for every taste bud.

Snake River Brewery - Jackson, WY

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