Dining-In at Couloir

I have an infatuation with food.  The border-line obsession has plenty to do with taste buds and it continues its development as I grow older, but mostly it’s what food/cooking brings to my life.   It provides endless possibilities and a constant sense of adventure.  Gives color and significance to everyday life.  And mostly it brings those around me together.  Whether its cooking in my kitchen, someone elses, or sharing a meal at a restaurant it brings life to a table of friends, family, and significant others.

A recently shared meal, stands out.  A 18th birthday shared with my small nuclear family and our significant others.  A meal atop a mountain in a kitchen far from home.


Couloir, located at 9,095 ft of elevation, in the Jackson Hole ski resort provides a truly unique dining experience.  They offer a chef’s table, located within the madness of a 5-star award winning kitchen.  Executive Chef, Wes Hamilton serves up a seasonal menu, with delicately paired wines.  Adhering to his own sustainability policy all ingredients come from a 250 mile radius, to insure taste, quality and color.

Chefs Table at Couloir
Couloir Executive Chef, Wes Hamilton

Dining at a Chef’s Table is a foodie dream — the action behind the scenes, both raw and inspiring.  As each pristine dish is placed in front of you and the flavors burst or melt in your mouth, you are entertained by a sautee flame and friendly arguments over the choosen tunes (or ipod playing) playing in the kitchen.

Check out the pirates flag

The experience — as overwhelming as it is — takes nothing to the food.  A menu full of local delacies with creative twists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you asked us all the finest part of the experience, I believe in uniform we would say, watching Chris practically finish a whole buffalo.  After 3 course and an entree, Chris simply states in half seriousness and half completely oblivious — “are you going to throw that away?” pointing to a butt end of the cut of buffalo.  Smiling, chef brings over the butt of buffalo — another two entrees and Chris savors each and every bite as we all watch in amazement!

Chris Finishing off Entree #3 of Buffalo
Cleansing your Palette
The Family & Chef in the Couloir Freezer

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