Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY (3 of 3)

Scenic Float Trip on the Snake River

On a crystal clear summer day in Jackson Hole, there are endless possibilities when deciding what you would like to do for the day.  Every which one is more inspiring than the next.  Mountain bike up or down (or both) the local ski resort, hike the local trails, run up to base camp of the Grand Teton (people actually do this) and then of course there is always the endless river activities:  scenic float trips, kayaking, canoeing, tubing, white water rafting, booze cruise kayaking, and surfing.

Surfing in Wyoming?  Yes!  People actually surf the rapids of the Snake River.  Having not grown up anywhere near a river this may seem normal to some– but blows my mind!

Seriously check this out….  Surfing the Snake River Rapids

I would suggest not trying this as something to do when in Jackson Hole, unless you have surfed all your life, or have some serious skills.

Sands Whitewater & Scenic Raft Trips

A little less extreme, but still blood pumping is taking on these rapids in a raft with 10 other people and a paddle.  Snake River during the summer hosts some pretty decent Class III rapids, although if you are in town in May and June you are in luck — high season.  All the snow from the mountains is melting and the rapids become even bigger to set out to conquer.

Preparing for our Drop In to the Snake River!

The whitewater trip is a decent 8 mile stretch with a dozen or so rapids giving you some time to take some breaks in between.  As Dad is not a true swimmer the 6 of us enrolled our fellow rafters to take charge and paddle their hearts out.  Goal =  keep Dad in the boat no matter what!

Why not jump into the 50 F Water 🙂
Conquers -- Chris too he is behind the camera!

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