Ha Ahh Those Summer Nights… in Chinatown

Downtown LA's Chinatown

Summer– a less complicated time of year that brings nostalgia over everyone who stops and enjoys the warmth of the weather, great company, and endless things to entertain yourself with.  Chinatown Summer Nights plays with those exact pings of the heart.  The vibrant colors and surroundings that make up downtown LA’s Chinatown district, mixed with warm summer air and great company creates a memorable experience you want to head back to every Summer Saturday evening.

Cooking Demonstration by Golden City Chef

Cooking Demonstrations on Central & West Plazas brings the smells and tastes of authentic Chinatown to life for all foodies, chefs, and the passerbys.  Golden City Seafood Restaurant served up delicious house dishes such as honey walnut shrimp and fried squid.  As the chef performed tasks that come natural, the recent contestant, Doreen Fang, of the The Next Food Network Star did commentary, filling us in on traditional Chinese cooking secrets.  As an event in LA is no longer a worthy event without food trucks, several graced the evening with their presence.  Lomo Arigato, Calbi, Gastrobus, Barcelona OntheGo, PattyWagon and a few others grace the event with their presence.  Bring the Los Angeles food truck twitter groupies along with them.

Doreen Fang, Contestant on the most recent season of The Next Food Network Star

If the smells of dim sum and dumpling soup was not enough to get you excited.  The LA Craft Experience a premiere and local handcrafted market that now calls Chinatown their home, presents hand-made jewelery, posters, leather goods, clothing, plush toys, cards, etc.  Some favorites that I picked up at the event:

LA Craft Experience
Lyric Scarves

Eating, Shopping and of course live music and dance performances completed a night full of Summer Lovin’!

Authentic Chinese Drum Performance

Chinatown Summer Nights is held every Saturday night in August at the Central & West Plazas in Chinatown with events taking place from 5pm to midnight.  Make sure to grab a brochure, full of discount coupons for all the local restaurants and vendors, ranging from 10% to 25% off.

Chinatown Summer Nights Map

LA's Chinatown

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