Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays

30 or so trucks line up on Abbott Kinney every first friday of the month

Los Angeles is renowned for its boutique shopping and areas of consumer consumption, whether it be Robertson, Rodeo, Melrose, Hollywood Blvd, Silver Lake, 3rd Street, Montana, Main Street, Santee Alley– all appeal to select markets and crowds.  In today’s economy some of our favored weekend window shopping spots are at risk of going out of business.  Abbot Kinney – a once up and coming area in Venice focused on the arts, boutique shopping, and small independent restaurants has struggled through the last few years.

So when times are tough and foot traffic is low what to LAians do?  They bring in the gourmet food truck crowd.  The first friday of every month hosts a gourmet food truck extravaganza.  Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays bring in an average of 30 trucks, art gallery events, bar and restaurant specials, and boutique sales.  The crowd is no longer local and people from all over the city are spending their Friday night tasting foods from around the world, experiencing local art, and boosting the Abbot Kinney economy.

Check out the next Abbot Kinney 1st Friday on October 1st, 2010.  It is completely free — get there early to find parking.  Food trucks don’t open their windows till about 6:30pm.

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