Oh How I Have Missed You…

Being a blogger encourages me to live life spontaneously and dwell in my creative nature.  Fellow bloggers inspire me to share my own experiences and try some of theirs.  But most importantly– the feeling I seem to grasp onto the hardest is the happiness and sense of accomplishment I feel after every post.

These past two weeks I have been yearning and eager to jump on and blog about the millions of things I have to say and tell the world — however in the lime-light as much as I would like to do this for a living, that is not the case.  I have a 8-5 job that of course is my top priority.  Don’t get me wrong — my job is great and includes hundreds of out of the norm experiences for a 24-year-old experiencing the work world for the very first time.  I am passionate about what I do and am truly thankful each day I have a job!

As a matter of fact the reason you haven’t heard from me is I have been working/playing in London for the last week or so.  As soon as I catch up on the 8 hour timezone change, I will be bringing you a short but sweet Travel Guide to London as well as some backlogged posts I have been dying to write.  Until then…

Brand Licensing Europe - September 28th-30th, 2010 - London
Wet & Rainy London

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