London: A Melting Pot or A New Culture

“Melting Pot”.  Here in the states we often throw that phrase right up next to New York City (“the melting pot of America”), but what does it actually mean?  Of course there is the obvious explanation — a home and workplace to a wide demographic of people made up of different ages, genders, races, religions, and heritage.  However what are the external influences these demographics have on a city?  Every corner of London confronts you with unique cuisines, cultures, lifestyles, fashions, and expressions.  Each of these aspects have created a global village in which it is impossible not to encounter multiculturalism.  It has been reported that over 200 different languages are spoken within the city of London.

So can London really be considered a “Melting Pot” or can we introduce it as a culture of tomorrow in which people are more consciously aware and accepting of these unique aspects of individual cultures.  I walked the streets of London both learning, acknowledging and accepting the constant influence of cultures other than my own.  Honestly it is what I found the most intriguing about this 2000 year old city.

I have visited London twice before and always considered it to be a sister of New York and never really fell in love.  However in just a week, most of which I was working, I discovered a lust that quickly developed into a love affair.  I became a wide-eyed wanderer, amazed by my excitement and curiosity with the extreme diversity that London has to offer.


2-Day London Guide


Click here to read my full 2-Day Guide to London.

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    1. Thank you so much for doing so! It is so nice to hear that it is enjoyed and appreciated by others. I absolutely love sharing with a world outside of friends and family! Do you have a blog or a website? If so I would love to check it out!

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