Blogging. Could it be the letter writing of the 21st century?

Readily available internet access in homes, restaurants, coffee shops, businesses and even via satellite has enabled people the opportunity to be a writer, a critic, and a publisher from anywhere in the world.  Blogging has changed the way in which we communicate, express ourselves and even in some cases live our lives.  Is blogging the letter writing of the 21st century?  Do you remember a time in which you had to send a postcard from a foreign country to share your travels? Or when you had to simply sit with a pencil and a piece of paper to update friends and family on where you were or what you were up to?

If I am being honest I don’t even remember that time.  However I am on the brink of the generation that relied on letters to tell stories, describe feelings and bring home experiences to those serving their country abroad and those separated from loved ones.  It was a method of communication that funnily enough we now deem “romantic”.  Or in other words a thing from the past.  Sure emailing “technically” is the letter replacement of the 21st century.  But even that concept has been lost through texting and constant availability.  When was the last time you got an email of substansial importance?  In which someone sat down and put their heart into an email. I don’t know anyone who sits down and emails the type of content you would have found in a letter 30 years ago. Blogging on the other hand is something that requires thought, story telling and insight and the numbers of blogs living on the web is sky rocketing.

In July of 2005 it was reported that there was a total of 70 million blogs living on the internet, in 2009 that number is estimated to having jumped to 400 million.  So is it a surprise to you that I can proudly say I have two other nuclear family members blogging, besides myself?  That they too are out there sharing and writing about the world and experiences in which they live?  Allowing family, friends, and even strangers to stay in tune with where they are and what they are up to.

Nicole Davis – My cousin who is an inspiration for those always daydreaming of living out their dreams, but never doing.  A little under a year ago, Nicole quit her job and decided to move to Paris.  She is a writer documenting living life as a foreigner in Paris, a city that typically does not open their arms to greet Americans.  She boldly and powerful shares her trials, tribulations and observations of her day-to-day occurences in “Another American in Paris.”

Check out her blog at… Another American in Paris

Brianne Jones – My energetic and witty “baby” sister has gotten herself a paid blogging gig!  Having just entered Santa Clara University in September for her freshman year she applied to be a student blogger.  She is one of six blogging about life as a Student at Santa Clara University in the Silicon Valley (CA).  Writing about anything from moving 3000 miles from home, to time management and getting involved in school and non-school activities.  She is free to share anything that inspires her to write for cash!

Check out her blog at…  Santa Clara University Student Bloggers 10′

Lindsey Jones — As for me — I write to share, to document and to simply inspire others to do the same.  Tara Frey, a fellow blogger who has turned her passion into a business, coined the term “Blogging for Bliss”.  The theory that you blog because your passionate about something.  That sharing that passion with the world is giving back to society and your readers in ways that are may be unknown, but it sure feels good.

How many bloggers do you know?  Is the popularity of publishing your thoughts to an endless audience catching on to even the most unexpected?  Do you consider blogging rather than email, to have replaced letter writing or vice versa?

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  1. What an interesting insight Lindsey. I have to say that it really is a gift to have tools like Facebook and blogs – they allow us to be a part of so many more people’s lives than we would be limited to if we had to rely on the time-consuming process of letter writing. I love being able to know not just what you and Bri (and other bloggers like you) are up to, but what you are thinking and feeling. I don’t flatter myself that I would be worthy of weekly letters, but because of your blogs I still get to share your lives a little bit. Keep up the great work!

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