Food Truck Files: November

The Food Truck phenomenon is still trending upward in the city that made it cool to eat from a truck.  With new trucks trying to find their niche to technologies that seem made for the food truck business — it’s riding high and people are waiting in a 150 person deep line to try the “Grilled Cheese Truck“!

This month I bring you a truck that has found an ironic niche and one that has capitalized on the growing desire to fuse the Los Angeles taco with Korean flavors.

Vizzi Truck

The Vizzi Truck — Unique. Upscale. Catering.  A food truck that has decided that the decadence and taste factor of their food is only part of the food truck puzzle.  Why not add a little entertainment and benefit the community at the same time.  The Vizzi Truck mission is to provide the community with a fine and sustainable dining experience as well as spotlight the hidden talents of the art community.  The truck fully equipped with TV’s and a stereo system is the perfect spot to showcase new and upcoming musicians, DJ’s, and film makers.

Oh and the food!  A menu I guarantee you haven’t seen offered in the truck community.  Osso Tacos, a Wedge Salad and Braised Wagyu Beef are only a few of the offerings.  It’s definitely not hard to find yourself struggling to decide what dishes to try!  After a serious debate about what to order, we came to a compromise.  Bacon Grilled Cheese Please!  Grueyre, Carmelized Onions, Bleu-Bacon Fondue, and a Winter Tomato is a combination that is melt in your mouth awe inspiring!

Vizzi Menu
Bacon Grilled Cheese from the Vizzi Truck

All LAians alike respect and bow to the Kogi “King”, Roy Choi for starting the gourmet food truck craze and introducing Southern Californians to a concept that we have come to worship, Taco Fusion!  Today you can find the staple of Southern California cuisine, the taco, fused together with anything from Texas BBQ to Korean flavors.

Calbi is a well-known and followed Taco Fusion truck that has been able to co-exist with the phenom Kogi is taking LA by storm.  They have a total of 6 trucks that are roaming the streets of Los Angeles and Orange County scouring for hungry passerby.  To see the Calbi weekly schedule, click here and make sure to try the Korean Spicy Pork Taco!

Korean Fusion Tacos from Calbri

Dear fellow food truck fanatics… have you tried MobileCravings “Top 10 Los Angeles Food Trucks”?

1ST PLACE:  Grilled Cheese Truck

2nd PLACE: Kogi Korean BBQ Truck

3rd PLACE: Buttermilk Truck

4th PLACE: The Sweets Truck

5th PLACE:  Komodo Truck

6th PLACE: Nom Nom Truck

7th PLACE: Frysmith

8th PLACE:  India Jones Chow Truck

9th PLACE:  Lets Be Frank

10th PLACE Tie:  Border Grill Truck & Don Chow Taco Truck

Clue me in on what your taste buds scream for when it comes to your mobile cravings?

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