Santa Monica Active Living

Santa Monica Community Garden - Main St

Whether you have to or choose to live in Los Angeles, there are a few cities that stand out as fabulous places to reside.  However no community is as closely committed to community and “Active Living” than Santa Monica.  Having lived here for over a year now has enabled me to experience and enjoy some of the community facilities, activities, and efforts that make this a great place to live.

The community motto is to strive for Active Living, the integration of physical activity into our daily routines.  Countless recreational facilities  alongside Southern California’s consistent climate, provides Santa Monica residence with a slice of paradise.

Santa Monica Community Gardens is a fantastically executed concept that not only promotes sustainably living, but adds spots of green beauty to this beach side city.  The gardens provide residents the opportunity to practice sustainably living, grow organic fruits, veggies, and flowers, to meet neighbors with like interests, and of course get some exercise. With three different locations throughout the city, garden sharing and active community, these gardens thrive with passionate gardeners and delicious nutrients.

Local working in her Garden

Annenberg Community Beach House

Have you ever driven down PCH and dreamed about spending even an hour in one of those house that sits on the countries end with one of the best views in the nation?  Live in Santa Monica?  Guess what you now have the opportunity!

Annenberg Community Beach House - View From the Beach

The 5 acre Annenberg Community Beach House property previously owned by William Randolph Hearst for Marion Davies in the mid 1920s.  In 1947 converted into the  Oceanhouse, “America’s Most Beautiful Hotel” and the Sand and Sea, limited member-only beach club.  In 1959 the property was turned over to the state of California.  In the 1990’s the city of Santa Monica gain control over the property and ran the club as “415 PCH” until the historic 1994 Northridge Earthquake, in which the property suffered massive damages.  After the damages a massive re-haul began on the city of Santa Monica and a project to restore the property was put into play.

Today the Annenberg Community Beach House stands on 5 acres of some of the most sought after property in the US.  Situated directly on PCH it is open to the public to enjoy!  The house is composed of a beach side pool, Sand & Sea fitness center, beach volleyball, soccer fields, tennis courts, canopies, meeting/celebration rooms, parking and a cafe.

Pool at the Beach House

Wow!  Amazing, whats the catch?  How much does it cost?  This is the shocker as those questions roll through you mind you can leave them at the door, a day a the Annenberg Community Beach House on the weekend will run each person in your party — $7.00.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!  It’s a must check out!

To be covered next time on Santa Monica Active Living:

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