Discoveries in A New City: St. Vincent Court

In a city as big, widespread and diverse as Los Angeles, the surprises are never-ending.  The places I find and discover within this city never cease to amaze me.  St. Vincent Court is like no other — its out-of-place, unexpected and yet it seems to charm you off your feet or at least to stop and grab a bite to eat.

In a discreet dark alley way in the middle of downtown’s Jewelry District lies a hidden gem.  St. Vincent Court is home to a Middle Eastern/Persian community nestled amongst chaos.  Complete with faux European awnings over street cafes, small specialty food shops, and local businesses.  Although quite and calm on the weekends, its rumored this place is packed on week days after work.  All the local shop owners come to kick off some steam after a long day.


St. Vincent Court

However on this Saturday afternoon the sun was shining and the atmosphere calming after the craziness of the Garment/Jewelry District.  We decided to take seat at the furthest cafe down the alley to have a lite lunch.  For $10 we managed to be served a full size salad, hummus, freshly baked pitas, French fries and kebabs — for both of us!  We left refreshed, relaxed and stuffed!

A light lunch on the street of St. Vincent
Faux- European Awnings


So how do you find St. Vincent Court to experience this alternate world for yourself?  Stroll down 7th Street in between Broadway & Hill.  St. Vincent Court’s entrance has the resemblance of a tunnel.


St. Vincent Court



2 thoughts on “Discoveries in A New City: St. Vincent Court

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  1. I was in LA recently and came upon St. Vincent’s Court one evening as I was walking back to my hotel. The whole courtyard was strung with lights and it looked like a public space, so out of curiosity I walked in to take a look.

    Most of the restaurants were closing, so I didn’t linger. But it looked really interesting.

    When I got back to my hotel I looked it up and found your blog and decided to go back for lunch. What a great place!

    I’m glad I found it and your blog. Next time I’m in LA, you’ve inspired me to add an extra day and go visit Two Harbors:-)

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