Food Truck Files: February

My job is feeding my food truck addiction!  In December my Woodland Hills based job, moved to the Yahoo! Center in Santa Monica.  I am not sure if it’s the trendiness of this office location (home to MTV, Universal Studios, HBO,, etc) or the fact that we are no longer stuck in the Valley, but this location draws hoards of food trucks.  Every week day you can wander over to 26th & Pennsylvania in Santa Monica, from 11:00am – 2:00pm to satisfy your food truck lust.  8 – 10 trucks are parked awaiting the hungry workers, there to serve and please.

A month full of trucks…


A truck I can never seem to just walk by!  Their awe-inspiring French Fry sensations make you drool leaving it impossible to pass by without submitting to the utter deliciousness.  Although this is the first time I have written about Frysmith, it is by no means the first I have indulged.  This is one not to miss!


Menu Must Trys:

  • Kimchi Fries — American favorite mixed with a Korean tradition – Kimchi with Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheddar cheese.
Kimchi Fries
  • Rajas Fries — Steak Dinner – Fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese
Rajas Fries
  • Poutine Fries – Only served on special occasions – mushroom based gravy & cheese curds
Poutine Fries

Great Balls on Tires

A clever/hilarious name and a renowned chef that turns out a global culture of meatballs.  Sure you have your typical and most widely recognized favorite the Italian meatball (Chao Bella selection on the G-BOT menu), but this truck is about the meatballs that can be found in almost every other culture — G-BOT puts out meatball from Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, American, and Mediterranean cuisines.

IncrediBall - Kobe Beef, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Gruyere, Wild Arugula, Garlic Aioli on a Toasted Brioche
Great Balls on Tires

Looking to track you favorite food trucks?

Try out the new US Food Truck Map for an up-to-date map that is fueled by each trucks original Twitter Feeds.  With coverage in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Portland, New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, Austin, and Boston.

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