Do You Remember Me?

Hello.  Remember me?

I am simply ecstatic. I am back in action. I am pursing an everyday life — diving head first into those passions that make me who I am!  Living an everyday life of cooking, exploring, and planning trips galore!  I am free of early mornings and late evenings dedicated to work!

For those of you unaware of what I do.  I work in a business in which I work 365 days a year for a 3 day event.  The event passed us by in mid-June causing me drop everything to pull crazy hours for the last 3 months.  YET, what I have come to recognize and accept with the pass of this years event is that I simply must go through a — for lack of a better word, summer hideous from blogging, every April – June. Fine by me if I get to play the rest of the year!

So what do you have to look forward to in the next couple of weeks/months?

  • Recipes, Recipes, Recipes:  My little beach abode will be fuming with the scent of gourmet cooking once again.  An advanced apology to my neighbors — your noses will be lingering.
  • Weekend Getaways:  Camping in Catalina and Wine Tasting in Ojai are right around the corner.  Standby for some getaway inspiration.
  • Hidden Los Angeles:  No, I am not talking about the newest tabloid crazed club that’s so under the radar they don’t publish the address, but rather the things about LA that don’t strike you as obvious.  The secrets that this city has to offer.  May it be in the categories of entertainment, food, retail, or the great outdoors.  But shhhh….you’ll just have to be patient.
  • Dining Out:  A helpful guide to navigating your next dining experience.  Decadent photos and honest opinions from a passionate palate.
  • I ♥ NYC & Philly:  A week-long trip back home to visit the family and take on the adventures these robust and flavorful cities have waiting for me

Until this weekend!


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