Hidden LA: Poke Poke

Wasabi Poke with Avocado served on Rice

One of my all time favorite food loves is raw tuna, okay, truth be told I actually toe the line of obsession with this one.  I don’t care how it is prepared, what it is served with, but that melt in your mouth fish is something I can never pass up.  Tuna sushi, tuna tartar, seared tuna, tuna ceviche, or tuna poke — whatever it is you can count on me ordering it.

To be honest, I can’t even remember now how I stumbled across this tiny tuna serving spot online, because the thought of what they were offering and realization of their proximity to my immediate location drove me to grab my bike and sprint out the door.  You think I am joking?

On Venice Boardwalk directly across from Muscle Beach you can find three extremely off beat food windows.  By off-beat I don’t mean your typical boardwalk fair of corn dogs, 14 inch slices of pizza, and burger patties, but rather small windows serving up gourmet delicacies under unique company mottos.

Secret Gourmet Windows on Venice Boardwalk
Secret Gourmet Windows on Venice Boardwalk
Aloha Poke - Aloha Shoyu, Rice Wine Vinegar & Crushed Red Pepper.

Poke-Poke – The Surfer’s Sashimi

Serving up deliciously fresh poke anyway you want it.  Choose from their four original creations or create your own, every cup is made-to-order.  No worries about your poke sitting in the kitchen for eight hours in marinade.  Quite the opposite poke is mixed and seasoned as you wait with your ability to add things like avocado, jalapeno, kale, crushed macadamia nuts, crushed red pepper, pickled ginger, watermelon radish and masago.

Poke-Poke Menu

Honestly I can’t say it gets must better than perfectly seasoned tuna, but get this —  you can get a ridiculously large cup of poke with rice for $10 or without for $12!  Next time your on the boardwalk craving a bite to eat don’t settle for a dog on stick, check out Poke-Poke, Sababa, & Schulzies for some delicious alternatives.

Sababa – Middle Eastern, focused on high-quality delicious food served at affordable prices.

Schulzies – 108 different flavors of bread pudding (I will be trying this shortly!).

Where can you find Poke-Poke, Schulzies, & Sababa?

1827 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

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