The Craft Beer Storm Has Begun to Take Los Angeles

San Diego in the last 10 year’s (+) has made an enormous impact on beer culture in the U.S. The now nation-wide recognized San Diego originators — Karl Strauss, Stone Brewing, Green Flash and Pizza Port have taken the craft-beer world by storm.  Beer cities like Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Denver were given a run for the money when beer became something to truly be tasted and understood.  San Diego County now has over 30 small micro-breweries with a population of only 3 million!

I know your asking why this post is title “Hidden Los Angeles” if I am going to simply boast and brag about the beer world in San Diego!  Well honestly the first reason I bring it up is –boy do I miss it, I miss walking into almost ANY restaurant/bar and having an overwhelming amount of good beer selections.  But the most important reason I mention San Diego’s beer accomplishments is because it’s rumored to have caused some jealousy in the small, but existent beer community of Los Angeles.

That’s right!  The LA beer enthusiasts are demanding bigger and better things out of this city in terms of the beers being offered and the types of places serving them.  Possibly one of the more exciting parts of the new energized beer lovers community — is that a grip of them are taking it on themselves — to simply brew what this city is missing!

Bars are now sprouting up everywhere with the sole focus of creating a well thought-out excellent selection of brews and doing their job to educate locals on the art of brewing and drinking craft-beer.

Los Angeles Breweries

Angel City Brewing - Located in the Oldest Brewery in Los Angeles

Angel City Brewing

Owned and operated by an award-winning home brewer, Michael Bowe, Angel City Brewing, is bringing craft brew to LA.  Angel City is nothing fancy, but offers a laid back place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon in the recently revamped Arts District in downtown LA. The brewery is said to be the oldest in Southern California, resembling a large half empty warehouse that they commonly use to host art exhibitions.  Doing their best to display enormous canvases on kegs of beer.

Street Brewed Exhibit - April 29th - July 10th

Now on to the good stuff — Angel City brews about 13 different beers ranging from mild lagers and hefeweizens to a nice well-rounded 7% IPA.

A Few of Angel City’s spotlight beers:

  • Angel City “CHE” – Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition
  • Angel City Ale
  • Angel City Vitzen- Another Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition
  • Angel City Lager
  • Angel City Belgian IPA

Want a taste of Angel City Brewing?  The Beer Garden is open Thursdays – Fridays, from 5:00pm – ? and Saturday & Sunday from 2pm – ?.

Angel City Brewing

A Few Local LA Breweries that are helping to put us on the map:

And of course the Beer Bars to help introduce us to new things:

Have you heard of the Beer Mapping Project?  An anonymous entrepreneur has taken it upon himself to map out all beer related locations – breweries, brew pubs, beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew stores.  See the LA Beer Map now!

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