Beach, Beer & BBQ in Los Angeles

Any time an event pops up on my radar that claims “All-Inclusive” I am all over it.  This one even got Chris’ attention, all you can eat bbq and all you can drink beer at the beach — a 10 minute walk from our house!  Sold!

Slow-smoked, succulent pulled pork, fiery hot but sweet bbq sauces, beers of all colors and alcohol percentages rounded up in one dynamic spot under the speculation of the LA BBQ snob community (if there is one) and/or simply those who have become Drink-Eat-Play obsessed.

LA BBQ Fest featured chefs and bbq houses from Jersey, Kansas City, Chicago, San Diego, Santa Maria and Kentucky all representing their local flavors with a specialty to sample, however many times you wished.  The BBQ stole the show, quite the opposite outcome of the typical Drink-Eat-Play events I have been to.

On Saturday afternoon we sat in the Santa Monica Pier parking lot at checkered covered tables and filled our stomaches with some some truly fantastic bbq.  The crowd although relatively tame, were excited to sample as much bbq and beer as they could before they burst, but the lines were almost non-existent and the Johnny Cash/Tom Petty tribute band, Petty Cash, added to the laid-back atmosphere.

The Festival Stars … (in my opinion)

  • David’s Unforgettables – Balsamic BBQ Sauce – Available in hot or mild.  This BBQ sauces was unlike anything I have tasted.  It had the rich bite of balsamic but the sweetness of molasses.  As ridiculous as this statement is — it was unforgettable.  It’s a must try!
  • Kentucky BourbonQ Pulled Pork Wrap with Pappy’s Moonshine Madness Sauce – It was unconventional as it was BBQ served in a flour tortilla, the pulled pork was moist and flavorful and top it off there was a crunchy slaw nestled in next to the pork.  The sauce was one of the hottest sauces I have laid my tongue on.  WARNING: This is no joke!  However I did buy a bottle because it was that good!
  • BigMista’s candy bacon – with a hint of cayenne, brown sugar, and salt these pieces of candied bacon were well like candy!
  • Maple Bacon Cupcake – How often do people boast about cupcakes these days — however I must partake.  These were to simply die for.  They were sweet with the flavor of maple syrup and salty like bacon.  You can hunt me down now, because for the life of me I cannot remember who provided them!  If anyone know please fill me in on the secret!

1. David’s Unforgettables – Balsamic BBQ Sauce  2. Kentucky BourbonQ Pulled Pork Wrap  3. LC’s BBQ Kansas City, Spare Ribs & Baked Beans  4. Maple Bacon Cupcake!

Drink-Eat-Play is preparing one last event before the 2011 year comes to a close.  Be sure to check out Septemberfest, LA’s attempt at a tribute to bringing in the fall season with a ton of beer.

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