Plans to Travel, Mini Bites, DIY?, & Fashion Obsessions

1. Iguazu Falls, Travel Through South America  2.  Guatemala, Sink Hole, National Geographic  3. Great Wall of China, via Pinterest  4. Lake Lucern, Switzerland, via Pinterest  5. Sea Cave, Portugal, Wishflowers

1. Antik Batik, Aztec sequined top, Net-A-Porter  2. Dogeared Morrocan Hoops, Nordstrom  3.  Boise-Stained Bamboo Polarized Grey, I Want Proof  4. Toms Ballet Flats, Modern Design Please  5.   Chippewa Necklace, Green, Accentuality  6. Mineral Necklaces, Beklina  7. The 42-20 Chrono Gold, Nixon

1. Carmel Apple Slices, via Pinterest  2. Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Soup Shots, Creative Inspiration  3. Chicken Basket Salads, Carina Forum  4. Seared Beef Tenderloin w/ Horseradish Sauce, My Recipes  5.  Lasagna Cupcakes, The Girl Who Ate Everything  6. Mini Tacos w/ Patron Tequila Shots, Popcorn on the Stove

1. New York Gallery Wrap, Studio Manhattan  2. Inventive use for an antique ladder, Mia’s Interior  3. Entry way greeting, Scrap Studio  4. Ruler Wall Mirror, Design Sponge

What are you favorites??



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