maps, snacks, trends, and wanderlust : favorite things

1. Homemade Banana Chips, TipNut  2. Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cooking  3. Carmel Covered Marshmellows, Hammod’s Candies  4.  Homemade Fruit Snacks, All Day I Dream About Food  5.  Apples with Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Walnuts, To The Sea

1.  Peguila’s Cave Bar & Restaurant, Italy, EasyJet  2. Madrid, All Things Europe  3. Bangalore, India, Pinterest   4. Uluru Falls, Australia, Steve Strike Flickr 5. Machu Picchu, Peru, Pinterest

1.  Wood Watch, WeWOOD  2.  Chiffon Sweater, Forever 21  3. Darcy Boots, Free People  4. Love This Combo, Anthropologie  5. Empire State Earrings, Sundance

1.  The Sea To Shining Sea Print, These Are Things  2. Fabric Scrap Map DIY, See Kate Sew  3. Scratch-Off Map, Urban Outfitters  4. Cork Board Map DIY, Money Saving Mom




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