An Itch That Won’t Quit

Wanderlust.  The concept is a breeze to grasp but the mystery is why? Why do the images and thoughts of wander encourage great feelings of unrest and desire that just won’t quit?

A few videos that make my itch to travel and experience worlds other than my own stronger with each image.

Wanderlust by ThinkLab

A short that embodies what Wanderlust is all about, evoking the feelings of traveling instead of the places you will go.

50 People, 1 Question – New York by 50 People, 1 Question

An incredible video that points to the facts that we spend a great deal of time being indecisive and unknowing.  Why not start the day with a wish?

Morocco & Spain by Mike Matas

Mike and his girlfriend travelled 1000 miles, in two weeks, took 4000 pictures and combined them into a journey to share.  Matt’s genius is taking these still photos and placing them in a way that brings them life.

Taiwan Trip by D1 Production

A montage that will make you feel the need to run off to explore the city of Taiwan. Beautifully done.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have memories captured like this?

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