The Misfit

The Misfit - Santa Monica

I have to preface this short but sweet review with the fact that I fall hard for places with small plates, no matter the type of cuisine.  It’s the ability to taste several different things across the menu that makes the dining experience shoot to the top of my favorites list.

You may recognize the image above and think — perhaps I have been there?  However the location was once home to the critically acclaimed chef, Alain Giraud’s Anisette Brasserie, a “proper” French bistro.  However Santa Monica locals & workers didn’t care for the price tag and the tourists desired more “American” fare.  Anisette Brasserie only lasted two years, but the building it lived in had potential.  An old clock tower located around the corner for Third Street Promenade now houses The Misfit, a place that will send you back in time while the food and drink keeps you anchored in the present.

The concept is comfort food in small plates allowing you to taste plenty and discover your favorites.  The Misfit is intended to be a back to basics bar — offering you a chance to enjoy your favorite beers, cocktails and plates on a regular basis.  It’s a must try for the locals and must not forget for Santa Monica visitors.

Our small plate favorites:

Small Plates of American Contemporary Cusine

1.  little baker potatoes with la quercia pancetta, weiser farm, french sea salt, organic sour cream  2.  basil gimlet, tito’s vodka, fresh basil, lime zest, agave nectar  3.  the misfit burger, grass fed paso prime beef, edmond fallot dijon, cheddar, toast  4.  rosa’s baked goat cheese + san marzano tomato gravy, garlic toast  5.  prime rib french dip sliders, seasoned + sliced to order, homemade au jus

The Misfit
225 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
official website

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