First 12 by 2012 Complete!

I am proud and excited to say that I have crossed off my first of twelve desire to-do’s before 2012 and boy does it feel good.  Yesterday I completed the Universal Studios Backlot‘s WeSPARK 3rd Annual 5k Run!  With little training and a ridiculously early start for this non-morning person, I finished strong.

Over the hills and through the sets we ran — past The Great Outdoors, The Jaws lake, Indian Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Austin Powers, Home Alone 2, Back to the Future, Creatures from the Black Lagoon, Wisteria Lane, Leave it to Beaver, the Psycho House, Doctor Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat and War of the World.

Creatures of the Black Lagoon
Home Alone 2
Back to the Future Town Square
Wisteria Lane
Psycho House

As my legs are growing tired I came up on the War of the World’s set, which looks like a town in total disaster.  A 747 is cut in half and cars, playgrounds, debris are everywhere.  I am no longer thinking about the 2.8 miles I have come or the distance I still have left to conquer, but rather the fact that I am running through this bizarre place!

War of the Worlds

Finally after traveling from set to set — mostly reliving my favorite childhood movies the 5k was over just like that.  I had knocked one 12 before 2012 off the list!

Finish Line
Race Completed!
Updated 12 before 2012!

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