Wanderlust: An Adventure of Selflessness

The notion of travel among a majority of the U.S. population is that of retreat.  We head out-of-town, out of country to escape the lives we currently live, to relax, to get present.  Yet, it has occurred to me in my adventures around the world that travel is an opportunity to immerse yourself, to learn about lives far different from your own, to experience people with priorities nowhere near yours, to test out and take on a new language rather than expect others to know yours, to step outside your comfort zone and live life from another perspective.  This type of travel may be extreme to some but for me its the type that live for.

I know you are now wondering what has brought on this explanation of what travel means to me and what I believe it should mean to others.  Honestly — it’s an ode to an individual that has done what others never dream of, perhaps never contemplate or think twice about.  One that has displayed an overwhelming amount of courage, selflessness and spirit of adventure.  My boyfriend — Chris’ brother, Cory joined the Peace Corps in June of 2011. He is currently stationed in the rather large pueblo of La Reina in El Salvador.

Cory will spend 27 months in El Salvador working within his pueblo to influence and encourage the community around him.  He writes a blog to keep all of us at home informed on his whereabouts and happenings.  I read each post with greater admiration than the last.  Admiration for the humanitarian he has become, for the courage to live life away from what is well-known, and mostly for the experience that will change not only his life but those that love him at home and all those he comes across within El Salvador.

Follow his adventure at http://www.crokodilelyle.blogspot.com/

Yolanda - Cory's first House Mom
Casa de la Cultura
Cory & some school boys
Cory giving a speech to his community (In Spanish)!
La Reina from above

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