Camping Gourmet: Beer Braised Brats & German Potato Salad

For some reason when camping I cannot bear the traditional and typically expected dining experience of fire roasted hot dogs and canned beans.  I instead feel the need to go above and beyond in planning and preparing simple yet gourmet meals to enjoy around the campfire.  This camping trip I was inspired by Aimee &... Continue Reading →

In The Kitchen: Asian Flare Turkey Burgers

Asian Flare Turkey Burger Why not try and discover new burger ideas that spice up the typical routine of lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese .  I stumbled upon a delightful turkey burger twist that is nothing short of fabulous. A little spice, a little crunch and a whole lot of goodness in one bite. Asian... Continue Reading →

In The Kitchen: Tri-Tip Sandwich with Blue Cheese, Carmelized Onions & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

My favorite from our picnic at Hollywood Cemetery... Ingredients: 1/2 pound tri tip (sliced thin, you could substitute roast beef as well) 1 loaf of French Bread 2 oz of blue cheese Carmelized Onions (recipe below) Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (recipe below) Toast your bread and layout your ingredients to make a deliciously gourmet sandwich! ... Continue Reading →

In the Kitchen: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich & Coleslaw

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork 4-7 pound pork shoulder 3-4 tbsp. cayenne pepper 3-4 tbsp. garlic powder 3-4 tbsp. chili powder Combine cayenne, garlic, and chili powder and rub into the pork shoulder, making sure to cover every bit.  Cook in a slow cooker for 8 hours on low.  The 4-7 pounds of shoulder allows lots... Continue Reading →

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