Camping Gourmet: Simple Breakfast & Dinner

Two extremely easy recipes that will create massive jealously from your camping neighbors! Steak Filet with Blue Cheese & Carmelized Onions Ingredients Needed: 2 Steak Filets, frozen to stay cold 2 oz Blue Cheese Carmelized Onions 1 tbsp olive oil Prep: Carmelize onions before leaving for camping trip.  Simply re-heat & serve. Carmelized Onions 2... Continue Reading →

Camping Gourmet: Beer Braised Brats & German Potato Salad

For some reason when camping I cannot bear the traditional and typically expected dining experience of fire roasted hot dogs and canned beans.  I instead feel the need to go above and beyond in planning and preparing simple yet gourmet meals to enjoy around the campfire.  This camping trip I was inspired by Aimee &... Continue Reading →

In The Kitchen: Gourmet Camping

Cooking while camping doesn’t have to be straight hot dogs and beans out of can.  Being creative with limited kitchen tools and refrigeration can be a daunting challenge.  While in Jackson Hole this summer I took on planning and preparing two meals that went above and beyond a campers expectations.  With nothing but a man-made... Continue Reading →

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