Holiday Dishes Starred Favorite

Thanksgiving this year was an enormous success, but there were a few dishes that ranked supreme in our minds.  Check out the below recipes for dishes that will not only please, but ones you'll talk about for days! Citrus Brine, Aromatic Stuffed, Pancetta-Roasted Turkey If you have been keeping up with my turkey efforts this... Continue Reading →

Camping Gourmet: Simple Breakfast & Dinner

Two extremely easy recipes that will create massive jealously from your camping neighbors! Steak Filet with Blue Cheese & Carmelized Onions Ingredients Needed: 2 Steak Filets, frozen to stay cold 2 oz Blue Cheese Carmelized Onions 1 tbsp olive oil Prep: Carmelize onions before leaving for camping trip.  Simply re-heat & serve. Carmelized Onions 2... Continue Reading →

Camping Gourmet: Beer Braised Brats & German Potato Salad

For some reason when camping I cannot bear the traditional and typically expected dining experience of fire roasted hot dogs and canned beans.  I instead feel the need to go above and beyond in planning and preparing simple yet gourmet meals to enjoy around the campfire.  This camping trip I was inspired by Aimee &... Continue Reading →

In The Kitchen: New-School Asian Ribs

Who doesn't drool over a meal of finger licking ribs?  Pork, beef, bone-in, bone-less. No matter the technique in which their prepared-- slow cooked, grilled, baked.  You simply can't get enough!  Ribs are a cross-culture favorite.  Today I share with you a recipe found in none other than Men's Health Magazine.  The article featured Andrew... Continue Reading →

In The Kitchen: Gourmet Camping

Cooking while camping doesn’t have to be straight hot dogs and beans out of can.  Being creative with limited kitchen tools and refrigeration can be a daunting challenge.  While in Jackson Hole this summer I took on planning and preparing two meals that went above and beyond a campers expectations.  With nothing but a man-made... Continue Reading →

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