Wanderlust: An Adventure of Selflessness

The notion of travel among a majority of the U.S. population is that of retreat.  We head out-of-town, out of country to escape the lives we currently live, to relax, to get present.  Yet, it has occurred to me in my adventures around the world that travel is an opportunity to immerse yourself, to learn... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaway: To Wine Country

Vineyards. Vino. California. Sonoma, Napa Valley, perhaps?  Not this time.  I am biased toward a smaller, less renown (for now) vino destination.  One where the vines grow strong, the grapes plentiful and the vino bottled with just as much expertise as passion.  A seemingly forgotten or unknown destination for both NorCo and SoCo dwellers.  One... Continue Reading →

Go Madrid! Now turn right!

Madrid although a very walkable city has a ton museums, monuments, churches, palaces, stadiums, and plazas to see.  The problem is how do you go about conquering them all in just a few days.  Most would jump on the “now found in every major city, double-decker red bus tour”.  Where you can get on and... Continue Reading →

Madrid. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

The past, the present and the future are notions, measures of time that we are taught to live from, in, and for.  However does anyone ever prepare you for the moment when you encounter a place, a culture or a lifestyle that stands one foot in the past and one foot in the present with... Continue Reading →

An Itch That Won’t Quit

Wanderlust.  The concept is a breeze to grasp but the mystery is why? Why do the images and thoughts of wander encourage great feelings of unrest and desire that just won't quit? A few videos that make my itch to travel and experience worlds other than my own stronger with each image. Wanderlust by ThinkLab... Continue Reading →

A Day in California

I ran across this video today, compiled with over 10,000 photographs to create a two-minute short film, "A Day in California."  Having lived here for almost 8 years and been visiting this massive state of California for my entire life, I still forget just how many climates and landscapes are left to be explored. Check... Continue Reading →

          In New York it's pizza.  In Philly it's a cheesesteak.  Seemingly every great city has it's food rivalries and every local has his or her favorite.  How is anyone suppose to decide where to eat pizza in Manhattan when a simple google search (places = pizza+restaurant+new york, NY) turns of... Continue Reading →

A Beer Induced Crawl in Northern Philly

I know of only two types of Pub Crawls.  The first being the obvious -- a rambunctious group of heavy drinkers looking for a night out on the town full of intoxicated conversations, full belly laughter, and a constant competition of who will be the last one standing.  I have seen these types of Pub... Continue Reading →

I <3 NY: The High Line

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I strongly feel that people tend to lean toward one living environment over the other.   There are those that want to feel the energy of the city and those that yearn for the smell of the ocean.  People that love the comfort of the suburbs and those that crave... Continue Reading →

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