In The Kitchen: Gourmet Camping

Cooking while camping doesn’t have to be straight hot dogs and beans out of can.  Being creative with limited kitchen tools and refrigeration can be a daunting challenge.  While in Jackson Hole this summer I took on planning and preparing two meals that went above and beyond a campers expectations.  With nothing but a man-made... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY (3 of 3)

On a crystal clear summer day in Jackson Hole, there are endless possibilities when deciding what you would like to do for the day.  Every which one is more inspiring than the next.  Mountain bike up or down (or both) the local ski resort, hike the local trails, run up to base camp of the... Continue Reading →

Dining-In at Couloir

I have an infatuation with food.  The border-line obsession has plenty to do with taste buds and it continues its development as I grow older, but mostly it's what food/cooking brings to my life.   It provides endless possibilities and a constant sense of adventure.  Gives color and significance to everyday life.  And mostly it brings... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY (2 of 3)

Morning Hikes at Signal Mountain Campground This time of day is further than remarkable -- quiet, calm, and colorful.  It brings a certain peace to your being watching the sunrise over this scenery.  Jackson Hole is an extraordinary landscape that strikes a different cord at each time during the day.  Wake up early and take... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide: Jackson Hole, WY (1 of 3)

Signal Mountain Campground We arrived at Signal Mountain campground after taking a gander around the infamous Jenny Lake campsites, in which all the open spots were already claimed by 7am.  Hit the campground EARLY in the summer months, as spots are hard to come by.  Signal Mountain Campground has about 90 spots, both tent and... Continue Reading →

Ascent of The Grand Teton

8 years ago, almost to the month -- Dad, Rich, Chris and I stood staring at this mountain in utter amazement.  Amazed by it's size, it's beauty and the commitment we had all made to climb to the top.  At 16, I took on the challenge to climb to the top of this 14,000 foot... Continue Reading →

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