In New York it's pizza.  In Philly it's a cheesesteak.  Seemingly every great city has it's food rivalries and every local has his or her favorite.  How is anyone suppose to decide where to eat pizza in Manhattan when a simple google search (places = pizza+restaurant+new york, NY) turns of... Continue Reading →

I <3 NY: The High Line

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I strongly feel that people tend to lean toward one living environment over the other.   There are those that want to feel the energy of the city and those that yearn for the smell of the ocean.  People that love the comfort of the suburbs and those that crave... Continue Reading →

I <3 NY: A Tour Designed Just For The Likes of Foodies

Foods of New York: Chelsea Market & Meatpacking District Savory originals, Italian delicacies, and destination restaurants are all included on a sightseeing tour of a different kind.  A tour that not only dives into the history of the Chelsea and the Meatpacking neighborhoods of Manhattan, but the foods and flavors that help to define and... Continue Reading →

I <3 NY: An Ode to Food

Hello Big Apple!  How lovely you are in the summertime, even the 99F temperatures and 80% humidity, doesn't stop your streets from being alive with sundress clad New Yorkers, stroller pushing mom's, and camera toting tourists.  The city that never sleeps seems to embrace the motto more boldly this time of year. This short series... Continue Reading →

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