I write this last Thailand adventure post with great new insights and outlooks on the world. Its many wonders, its varied contrasts, and the people that make it go round. Thailand was a paradise which left nothing to the imagination. On this adventure of a lifetime memories were created that are ever ingrained into my... Continue Reading →

PADI Certification Opens Up A Whole New World

A new community and underwater world has opened it doors for us. Yesterday, Chris and I completed our Open Water Scuba Diving Course, becoming PADI Certified Divers. We are now fully able and entitled to dive any where in the world on our very own (granted we had the equipment) to the depth of 18... Continue Reading →

Bubble, Bubble. Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble. Breathe in. Breath out. Bubble, Bubble, Bubble. Breath In. Breath Out. The silence of the bottom of the pool. The weightlessness of our bodies. The bizarre feeling of breathing underwater. The defiance of all common sense. The funny faces and extreme happiness of Chris and most surprisingly myself underwater. Yes that is... Continue Reading →

An Island of Adventure

Koh Phangan, historical for it's world wide phenomenon of a party -- The Full Moon Party. A extravagant event that rages into the night on a pristine Thai beach. It has been rumored that over 30,000 people have been in attendance a one full moon party. This party once a mellow beach gathering set to... Continue Reading →

A Hint of Tragedy

The day we left Krabi I let my mind wonder to what I had been thinking in the back of it the entire time we visited this part of the country. This area of Thailand was very different from others we have seen and experienced. The people here seemed harder in their facial expressions. Tougher... Continue Reading →

On The Set of A Movie

Today was one of those days that I talked about in the very beginning of my trip. It is best if you begin everyday without expectations. However that slipped our minds last night when we booked a full day excursion to a deserted island. Complete with green lagoons, white sand beaches, reefs and fish galore.... Continue Reading →

Longtail Boat Leads to Hard To Get To Oasis

Eager and looking forward to what many travelers have described as indescribable-- we left Khao Sok a day early and headed for Ao Nang. A small beach oasis in the Krabi province. We arrived just before sunset to find our hotel nicely situated on the beach. A lovely alternative to our past treehouse. No creepy... Continue Reading →

Trains and Treehouses

It was just after that last post that Chris and I experienced what at the time we thought to be the height of our backpacking experience. Overnight train travel in 2nd class non air-conditioned cabin (which considering there is a a/c 2nd class is actually 3rd class). We attempted to board three trains that evening.... Continue Reading →

Simple Wonders of Hua Hin

Tonight I fell in love with Hua Hin. We have been staying here for about 4 days by chance. Originally only 1 night was to be spent in this city, but as plans shifted we were able to explore this small beach town's gifts. Hua Hin, only 2 1/2 hours from Bangkok is not a... Continue Reading →

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