This Weekend: Wine Tastings, Pub Openings, Food Photography & Ultimate Frisbee

LeiOut Beach Ultimate  Come out to Santa Monica for the largest co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Event in the world, 100+ teams show up with crushing thoughts of blood, sweat & tears!  LeiOut organization has been bringing together the frisbee obsessed since 1999!

  • When: Jan 14-15
  • Where: N of Pier, Santa Monica
  • When: 10am-4pm
  • Cost: Free to Watch

Around Australia in 80 Sips  Enjoy 80+ great wines plus artisanal cheese, charcuterie and more at the Pacific Design Center this Saturday night!

  • When: Jan 12
  • Where: Pacific Design Center
  • When: 8pm – 10pm
  • Cost: $75.00

Picture Perfect  Food photographer Christina Peters and prop stylist Amy Paliwoda will teach a natural-light food-photography class this Sunday.

  • When: Jan 14
  • Where:MDR Photography Classes, 4051 Glencoe Ave., Marina del Rey
  • When: 9:30am – 4pm
  • Cost: $249.00

The Pub @ Golden Road  Get a beer and a burger for 10 bucks cash on our patio BBQ. Chef Adam has prepared vegan and non vegan burgs and our cans of Point the Way IPA and Golden Road Hefeweizen are ready for you to enjoy.

  • When: Jan 15
  • Where:5430 San Fernando Rd West, Los Angeles, CA
  • When: 11am – 11pm
  • Cost: of food

Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show The largest travel show in the western United States features rock climbing, ziplining, a scuba pool, Fiery Food Stage, live music and travel tips from speakers.


An Itch That Won’t Quit

Wanderlust.  The concept is a breeze to grasp but the mystery is why? Why do the images and thoughts of wander encourage great feelings of unrest and desire that just won’t quit?

A few videos that make my itch to travel and experience worlds other than my own stronger with each image.

Wanderlust by ThinkLab

A short that embodies what Wanderlust is all about, evoking the feelings of traveling instead of the places you will go.

50 People, 1 Question – New York by 50 People, 1 Question

An incredible video that points to the facts that we spend a great deal of time being indecisive and unknowing.  Why not start the day with a wish?

Morocco & Spain by Mike Matas

Mike and his girlfriend travelled 1000 miles, in two weeks, took 4000 pictures and combined them into a journey to share.  Matt’s genius is taking these still photos and placing them in a way that brings them life.

Taiwan Trip by D1 Production

A montage that will make you feel the need to run off to explore the city of Taiwan. Beautifully done.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have memories captured like this?

Plans to Travel, Mini Bites, DIY?, & Fashion Obsessions

1. Iguazu Falls, Travel Through South America  2.  Guatemala, Sink Hole, National Geographic  3. Great Wall of China, via Pinterest  4. Lake Lucern, Switzerland, via Pinterest  5. Sea Cave, Portugal, Wishflowers

1. Antik Batik, Aztec sequined top, Net-A-Porter  2. Dogeared Morrocan Hoops, Nordstrom  3.  Boise-Stained Bamboo Polarized Grey, I Want Proof  4. Toms Ballet Flats, Modern Design Please  5.   Chippewa Necklace, Green, Accentuality  6. Mineral Necklaces, Beklina  7. The 42-20 Chrono Gold, Nixon

1. Carmel Apple Slices, via Pinterest  2. Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Soup Shots, Creative Inspiration  3. Chicken Basket Salads, Carina Forum  4. Seared Beef Tenderloin w/ Horseradish Sauce, My Recipes  5.  Lasagna Cupcakes, The Girl Who Ate Everything  6. Mini Tacos w/ Patron Tequila Shots, Popcorn on the Stove

1. New York Gallery Wrap, Studio Manhattan  2. Inventive use for an antique ladder, Mia’s Interior  3. Entry way greeting, Scrap Studio  4. Ruler Wall Mirror, Design Sponge

What are you favorites??



London: A Melting Pot or A New Culture

“Melting Pot”.  Here in the states we often throw that phrase right up next to New York City (“the melting pot of America”), but what does it actually mean?  Of course there is the obvious explanation — a home and workplace to a wide demographic of people made up of different ages, genders, races, religions, and heritage.  However what are the external influences these demographics have on a city?  Every corner of London confronts you with unique cuisines, cultures, lifestyles, fashions, and expressions.  Each of these aspects have created a global village in which it is impossible not to encounter multiculturalism.  It has been reported that over 200 different languages are spoken within the city of London.

So can London really be considered a “Melting Pot” or can we introduce it as a culture of tomorrow in which people are more consciously aware and accepting of these unique aspects of individual cultures.  I walked the streets of London both learning, acknowledging and accepting the constant influence of cultures other than my own.  Honestly it is what I found the most intriguing about this 2000 year old city.

I have visited London twice before and always considered it to be a sister of New York and never really fell in love.  However in just a week, most of which I was working, I discovered a lust that quickly developed into a love affair.  I became a wide-eyed wanderer, amazed by my excitement and curiosity with the extreme diversity that London has to offer.


2-Day London Guide


Click here to read my full 2-Day Guide to London.

This Journey’s Beginning

The beginning of any trip whether it be a short weekender or a 6 week adventure can often be an over whelming day.  It is the day where you begin living something you have been thinking about for in some cases (mine) 8 years.  That being said, I have decided to change the way I will live each day of my Thailand adventure.  I read a quote on the train from San Diego to LA that inspired me to do the same.  Walt Whitman wrote in his “Song on the Open Road”…

“From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines, Going where I list, my own master total and absolute, Listening to others, considering well what they say, Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating, Gently, but with undeniable will divesting myself of the holds that would hold me.”   — Walt Whitman

It was after reading that quote I decided to let go of 8 years of expectations, dreams, and thoughts of what I thought Thailand would be.  As soon as I made that commitment, my outlook changed — the possibilities of what could happen over the next 5 weeks changed from great to limitless.  No concerns about weather, accommodations, getting from here to there, what we had to do, what we had to see, they were all gone.  I am free of all expectations and ready to bring on the experience!

July 21st, 2009 (San Diego, CA)
I make my way, backpack and all to the San Diego Santa Fe Depot (train station)  I hop on an empty Amtrak train heading north along the coast to Los Angeles.  The first thing I noticed, while still in SD was that when you walk along the street with a large pack on your back and Keens people look at you different.  Not in the negative aspect, but in a curious one.  What are they doing, where are they heading, and they too begin to dream.  I realized this while riding the bus to the train station.  It’s jam packed and no where to sit, so I am jammed up with some guys that keep looking at me like he wants to say something.  Finally he gets to it and asks something along the lines of, “are you heading home? where have you been?  did you like America!?”  Actually buddy I live here and am beginning my journey 1/2 way around the world!  He stopped talking to me!  I guess I wasn’t exotic enough or something or didn’t have the accent he was expecting!  It cracked me up.  It was there that I switched my mentality as a recently graduated college student to a backpacker!  I am off to experience the world!
After one bus, one train, one Gladis taxi, two airplanes, and a resort shuttle later I arrive 27 hours after my departure at my destination.  Koh Samui, Thailand…aww the view from the plane was remarkable.  The people with their impeccable smiles and radiating complexion completely catch you off guard.  The lush scenery of the tropics is filled with the contrasting colors from the water, the flowers, the plants, and the decor.  The hospitality of the Thai people can only be described as beautiful, for that is what they portray with every word, phrase, smile, and gesture.

However, that is about as far as we got, Bri and I experienced a few hours of Thailand and simply became dead to the world.  We slept maybe 2 hours on our journey and were exhausted to an extreme.  We were asleep at the pool, practically snoring by 4, skipped dinner and went to bed.

Dad, claimed this was a bad idea…stay awake it will be easier tomorrow if you do!  But i couldn’t even sit up, I woke up a 2 am today, July 24th, wide awake and ready to explore Thailand, however Thailand was not awake for me.  It was pitch black and I could hear nothing but the soothing and exciting sounds of the birds.   So I spent the morning watching the one channel that came in clearly, Chines Pop Music Videos!  They are unbelievable and I truly mean that in the sense that they are unbelievable!  You can only imagine or I am sure today you could watch them on Youtube.

Breakfast finally at 7am was spectacular, I tasted these fruits that are round and hairy and oh so good, dragon fruit, freshly squeezed orange, guava, pineapple juice, and smoothies.  A plethora of amazing western and thai dishes, it was spectacular and free!  It was the largest free buffet I have ever seen and so delicious.  Brianne and I are still recovering and attempting to gain our complete energy back, so what better way to do that then get a 3 hour Thai and Oil Massage and Facial for $50 a piece.  Yes, that is it $50.  A massage like the one we just had in the states would be at the very least $250!  Remarkable!  The amazingly soft handed and strong lady kneeled on my legs, flipped me over, twisted my leg over my head, and who knows what else.  Thai massages are definitely different, a little painful, and extremely rewarding.  And now relaxed and mind cleared I am free flowing with the words.

Until my next post,
Lagon (goodbye)

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