This Weekend: Wine Tastings, Pub Openings, Food Photography & Ultimate Frisbee

LeiOut Beach Ultimate  Come out to Santa Monica for the largest co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Event in the world, 100+ teams show up with crushing thoughts of blood, sweat & tears!  LeiOut organization has been bringing together the frisbee obsessed since 1999! When: Jan 14-15 Where: N of Pier, Santa Monica When: 10am-4pm Cost: Free to Watch Around Australia in... Continue Reading →

An Itch That Won’t Quit

Wanderlust.  The concept is a breeze to grasp but the mystery is why? Why do the images and thoughts of wander encourage great feelings of unrest and desire that just won't quit? A few videos that make my itch to travel and experience worlds other than my own stronger with each image. Wanderlust by ThinkLab... Continue Reading →

Plans to Travel, Mini Bites, DIY?, & Fashion Obsessions

1. Iguazu Falls, Travel Through South America  2.  Guatemala, Sink Hole, National Geographic  3. Great Wall of China, via Pinterest  4. Lake Lucern, Switzerland, via Pinterest  5. Sea Cave, Portugal, Wishflowers 1. Antik Batik, Aztec sequined top, Net-A-Porter  2. Dogeared Morrocan Hoops, Nordstrom  3.  Boise-Stained Bamboo Polarized Grey, I Want Proof  4. Toms Ballet Flats, Modern Design Please  5.  ... Continue Reading →

London: A Melting Pot or A New Culture

"Melting Pot".  Here in the states we often throw that phrase right up next to New York City ("the melting pot of America"), but what does it actually mean?  Of course there is the obvious explanation -- a home and workplace to a wide demographic of people made up of different ages, genders, races, religions,... Continue Reading →

This Journey’s Beginning

The beginning of any trip whether it be a short weekender or a 6 week adventure can often be an over whelming day.  It is the day where you begin living something you have been thinking about for in some cases (mine) 8 years.  That being said, I have decided to change the way I... Continue Reading →

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